Snake Dream during Pregnancy

Unlike other snake dreams, dreaming of snakes while pregnant is often considered good luck or a blessing. In fact, many dream interpreters say there’s nothing to fear about such thoughts that creep into your sleep, as it indicates a powerful symbolism or simply an expression of your own thoughts and feelings related to the changes that are occurring with your body or situation.

Snakes in a dream also serve as a warning about potential events that can occur during your pregnancy. Whether it has a positive or negative meaning, greatly depends on the content of your dream.

Meaning of snake dreams during pregnancy

Different colors of snakes have different meanings

Snake in dream meaning often depends on various elements present in your dream and not just the main symbol, which is the snake. In the case of snakes and pregnancy, the color of the slithering creature can affect the overall interpretation.

  • If you have a green snake dream, the fetus in your womb will have a healthy development, which is a very good reason to celebrate and be happy.
  • If you have a red snake dream, one of your friends or relatives will be married or engaged. This further reinforces the idea that being associated with a pregnant woman is lucky.
  • If you have a snake bite dream, you will lead a happy and fruitful life. This is one of those rare occasions, when being bitten by a snake is not a bad omen.
  • Snakes are often thought of as a phallic symbol or sexuality, so dreaming about them while you’re pregnant could foretell the gender of your child. If you have a black snake dream or of a very big snake, you will give birth to a baby boy. But if you discover a snake in a well during your dream state, then the boy you will be giving birth to will be extraordinary. The opposite also has an opposite meaning. That is, if you dream of a white snake in your arm, you will give birth to a baby girl.

Manifestation of conflicting ideas or beliefs

When you have a snake dream in pregnancy, try to identify if the overall feel is threatening or positive. If it’s the former, the snake represents beliefs, patterns or values that are limiting, and those that are making themselves known during your pregnancy. If it is the latter, the snake indicates an opportunity of self-discovery. Are you discovering new ideas about yourself, your life and the world around you? In this kind of snake dream, pay attention to what the snake is trying to tell you.

A test of your resolve

If you are experiencing conflict with your conscious self, because of your beliefs, family traditions or the need to conform to social norms, it is highly likely that you would dream of snakes during pregnancy. The snake is the behavior, habit or problem that your pregnancy is bringing out in the open.

A dream about snakes are often perceived as a bad omen, but not when it happens during pregnancy. Although there are negative connotations about it, most of them are positive.




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