Dreaming of Snakes in Water

Dreaming of snakes in water with you in the middle of it all would probably make you break into a cold sweat. It’s a frightening situation. But it can also mean something positive, depending on the overall feel of your dream. Whether a dream indicates a good or bad omen depends on several factors. One thing is for sure, not all snake dreams are ominous.

A water snake dream is elemental, similar to when you dream of snakes associated with earth, air, or fire. Although different cultures have different interpretations, elemental snake dreams can relate to you one way or another. If you dream of an Aboriginal rainbow serpent that calls a waterhole home, for example, expect positive effects and blessings, as the snake relates to life-giving powers and fertility.

Water Snake Dream Meaning


Good omen

Water represents fortune in traditional Chinese culture, while snake is likened to a dragon. Considering that both elements are perceived as good luck, dreaming of snakes in water indicates that blessings and success will come your way, due to others helping you reach your goal.

Birth of a healthy baby boy

Snakes and pregnancy are one of those few combinations that is considered a positive omen. If an expectant mother dreams of a water snake, she will give birth to a bouncing baby boy.

Emotional conflict or stability

Water is often associated with emotions that are influencing your life without you knowing about it. Think elemental feelings that can sway in different directions, depending on where the water goes, and the overall feel of your dream.

  • Snakes swimming peacefully in calm waters Indicate that you’re dealing with your emotions with a positive and confident approach. Whether conflicting or not, a dream of snakes in calm waters foretells good news.
  • If you dream of being bitten by a snake while swimming, there is a possibility that your emotions can strike and take control of you, rather than the other way around. Time to pay attention to your emotions, and the many things that are bothering you.

Healing and oneness

If you dream of swimming with the snakes, with the latter not bothering you one bit, it indicates that a healing process is taking place. Do you have emotional wounds that needed healing? Are you facing potentially challenging situations that you need to deal with? The presence of snakes and water in your dream is a positive indication.

What if you dream of swimming with snakes, but feels terrified surrounded by them? As long as the snake doesn’t bite or attack you, the dream indicates a good omen. This is because it means you are trying to deal with your emotional concerns, regardless of how difficult the process is.

A wake-up call

If you feel like you’re struggling in the water or with the snake, you are resistant to change or in dealing with difficult emotions and feelings during your waking life. You know you have emotional wounds and concerns that you need to address, but are avoiding and ignoring. Dreaming of snakes in water is a wake-up call that you should deal with the situation.

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