Dreaming of Snakes Everywhere

Seeing a snake in your dream could be the most frightening experience ever. This is especially true if you are being chased or bitten by snakes. There’s no better way to describe the experience than cringe-worthy. But what if your snake dream involves not just one, but snakes all over the place? What it means and how it is interpreted, depends on your feelings and reactions. Can you say you’re surprised or alarmed upon seeing the snakes?

Meaning of snakes everywhere dream

  • If you dream about snakes surrounding you, but you manage to kill them all, then you can rest easy. This is because the dream indicates that you will be able to conquer all your enemies, troubles and worries. If you emerge victorious over the snakes, then you will experience the same thing in your waking life.
  • It can symbolize abundance or shortage, depending on the overall feel of your dreams. In Egypt, snakes represent sovereignty and royalty, which is why they are seen on the crowns of Pharaohs and queens. So it’s not a surprise that snakes everywhere also denote abundance in wealth, energy and sexuality, some of which you may be unaware of. This requires that you fully express or acknowledge abundance in your life. A dream of snakes everywhere is also a revelation of what is lacking in your life, and what would be great to have an abundance of.
  • Seeing snakes everywhere could mean that there are overwhelming concerns that are disrupting your peace of mind and your personal space. Identify which environment in your waking life you experience an invasion of privacy, or the absence of peace.
  • If a snake dream involves snakes everywhere in your bedroom, then you may be experiencing issues related to sexuality, intimacy or even relaxation. If the snakes are everywhere around the house, then your personal space is being disrespected and invaded. You would need to strongly define your personal boundaries as a solution.
  • If you dream of walking over snakes everywhere, this indicates that you will experience constant fear of sickness, deception or betrayal. Unless, of course, if you manage to confront your fears head on. It is better to have a dream of seeing snakes, but you were able to step on them, rather than just walk over them.
  • As a symbol of healthcare, a snake dream can also mean that there is a healing process going on. What is being healed or needs to be healed will be revealed through the various elements in a dream. Snakes shedding their skin, for example, symbolizes a rebirth or a renewed life. It would also help if you can identify the most dominating color in your dream.

Dreaming of snakes everywhere can have different meanings, depending on other elements present. One vital aspect, however, is the overall feel of your dream. Were you frightened, surprised or happy seeing snakes in dream? In the case of the healing process, you should identify how the snakes in your dream are pointing to what needs healing.

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