Dreaming about Snake Bite

Can you imagine being bitten by a snake? If the idea makes you cringe, it is likely that a snake bite dream will make you feel even worse. But seeing a snake in your dream and getting bitten by it may have a positive result. After all, it is often interpreted as a wakeup call.

Do you feel like something’s amiss with your waking life? Perhaps, you don’t think it, but your gut says otherwise. Well, a snake bite in dream might just be what you need to help you focus on what is going on with your waking life.

Snake Bite Dream Meaning

  • If you’re bitten by a snake, problems are sure to come your way. It’s either you succumb to evil influences, or your enemies will hurt you one way or another.
  • If the dream snake bite involves someone being bitten while you watch, it could mean that you will injure or criticize a friend, pretend or otherwise. Under the situations, you will be the predator, not the prey.
  • Just as you will wake up frightened, surprised or hurt from a dream bitten by snake, you should consider your dream as a wakeup call. It is your subconscious trying to get your attention to deal with a difficult or paralyzing situation that you have been ignoring, so you can move forward.
  • If you get bitten on the right hand, it means that you are facing a situation where you are conflicted about making the right decision, because it could lead to problems in your relationship or at work. That is, you are having trouble making a choice, because of the need to maintain fairness or transparency.
  • If a snake bites you in the back, then you need to be on the lookout for people with malicious intent or those who want to deceive you. It could also mean past issues and concerns that you need to resolve, or be burdened by it for a long time.
  • A snake dream can mean you’re holding back your wild and untamed side. If the snake bites, then you could be in the process of bringing that side into your conscious mind.
  • Snake bite delivers a venom that can first numb you before it kills you. In the same sense, a dream bitten by snake delivers the venom needed to numb yourself, so you can either avoid taking the next step or ease the pain of transformation.
  • A snake dream interpretation can mean you’re struggling with temptation, just like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. It’s a call to face whatever is challenging your values and beliefs.

A snake bite dream can mean many things. This is why it is important that you make an effort to identify which part of your body is bitten, or whether it’s you or someone else being bitten. This way, it will be easier to perform dream analysis snakes, although it pays to check a dream interpretation guide, or seek someone who is passionate about snake dream interpretation.


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