Dreaming about Snake in bed

A snake dream can be interpreted in many ways, depending on other elements that are present while the dream is taking place. It also matters that a snake can have both positive and negative meanings, and could also mean intimacy or an expression of sexuality. Dreams of snakes on bed veers more to a sexual interpretation. A dream of snakes under the bed is a different story altogether.

Meaning of snakes on your bed dream

  • It brings awareness about your sexual instincts. Seeing a snake in your dream, particularly on your bed, could relate to urges connected with your sexuality or desires. This requires you to look within yourself and find out how you express your sexuality. To better interpret your snake dream, you should try to identify what the snake looks like, its size, color or the attitude it projects. Each factor can lead to different clues that can help interpret your dream of snakes on bed.
  • It brings to mind feelings that your privacy is being invaded. After all, your bedroom and your bed is your personal and private space, and the snakes crawling on your bed represents feelings that are creeping in on you. These feelings could stem from a sticky situation in your waking life that you’re trying to avoid or ignore.
  • Dreaming of snakes on your bed could mean that your boundaries are not being respected, similar with the case of invasion of your private space. If you are surprised by the presence of snakes, it is one way of your subconscious telling you of a situation or a person close to you that is causing anxiety, but which you are unaware of.
  • If your snake dream is associated with feelings of fascination and curiosity upon seeing snakes on your bed, you may be exploring new ways of sexual or sensual expression. After all, seeing a snake in your dream often means a need to express instinctual desires.
  • If your dream involves snakes on someone else’s bed, It means that you’re either curious about or desires someone close to you. If you’re currently involved with someone, snakes on a bed dream can also mean that you would like to strengthen or renew your relationship. This can also mean the opposite, however. That is, you are experiencing ambivalence about a relationship or about taking it to a more emotional and intimate level.
  • It denotes unresolved guilt towards a partner or having doubts about your feelings, depending on the overall feel of your dream. It is possible that you’re having mixed or contradictory emotions regarding your sexual desires towards someone or with your own sexuality.
  • If you don’t fear seeing snakes on your bed, this denotes a healing process in your relationship or sexuality. Dream snakes symbolize deeply rooted desire or sexual energy that is trying to fully express itself. This requires you to pay attention to important matters of the heart and your sexuality.

To better understand and interpret your dreams of snakes on bed, it is best that you identify the kind of snakes you are seeing and the overall feel of your dream.



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