Dreaming about a Snake Attack

A snake dream is almost always guaranteed to wake you up frightened or anxious, which is likely to be an understatement of how seeing a snake in your dream felt while your subconscious was still trying to reach your conscious mind. It’s a struggle for most people, and even worse for those who are afraid of snakes in the first place.

But what does it really mean? Is there anything positive about dream interpretation snakes, considering that the slithering creature is often associated with evil and most things bad?

Seeing snake in dream can mean many things, but it is often interpreted as a resistance or tension in your waking life that you have yet or should fully acknowledge. There’s also a different interpretation if you have a snake bite dream or when you are attacked by snakes.


What could a snake attack dream mean?

A threatening situation

It is possible that you are facing a situation that threatens and causes a strong discomfort during your waking life. It could be any challenging situation that causes fear, worry and anxiety. If you fail to fully acknowledge your feelings, a snake attack dream is likely to happen.

This kind of snake dream is one way of telling you to identify what triggers your resistance or causes you to feel threatened, and to deal with it before it escalates to something bigger.

Fall victim to malice

A snake dream has both good and bad meanings. Negatively, a snake is interpreted as something dangerous, impulsive, vindictive and sneaky. So when a woman dreams of being attacked by a dead snake, it foretells the possibility of her becoming a victim of malice, or betrayal from someone who pretended to be a friend.

Fear of risks 

Didn’t they say success happens when you take risks? But if you think you will get hurt in the process, you’re unlikely to act on it, which can lead to dreaming with snakes. This is especially true if you feel that the situation can either result in you attacking someone or vice versa. Under the circumstances, you need to identify which part of your waking life requires you to take action to arrive to a resolution, while moving carefully.

An expression of a repressed side of you

Many dream interpretation snakes agree that the slithering creature is a symbol of that part of you that is wild or untamed, often considered unacceptable in a social or moral level. A good example of this is a sexual expression that is trying to make itself known, and is now challenging your waking life. A snake dream is telling you that the repressed side of you no longer wants to be neglected or avoided.

For clearer dream analysis snakes, it would help if you can identify the kind of snake that appeared in your dream, because different types have different meanings. A spotted snake, for example, can mean things can go from bad to worse. You should also examine if you or someone in your life have the same qualities as the snake in your dream.

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